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Towels wholesale

The cozy interior always creates a feeling of security and tranquility. We all love to return home after a hard day’s work, take a relaxing bath, wrap ourselves in our favorite towel and have a good rest. Towels are one of the most important components of creating a cozy atmosphere. They can be matched to the overall style of the apartment or, conversely, serve as a bright accent. Often, designers try to combine all home textiles to create a single concept for a house or apartment.

The Koloco company is engaged in direct deliveries of high-quality home textiles to Ukraine. With us you can order towels from China in bulk and be sure that your customers will be delighted.

We will be pleased to cooperate with you if you:

  • decided to buy soft beautiful towels for themselves and their family that perfectly absorb moisture;
  • Want to buy towels in bulk for a gift for employees, relatives and children;
  • you are the owner of the hotel and want to buy quality towels for your customers at a nice price;
  • Have a home textile retail store and look for a reliable wholesale supplier;
  • want to sell towels using the dropshipping system.

Why choose us?

Years of experience in the field of wholesale and cooperation with many suppliers have allowed us to create a wide range of products at affordable prices. Towels of the Chinese company Koloco have established themselves in the best way, not only in China, but also beyond its borders. In the manufacture of towels only modern technologies are used, so they are pleasant to the touch, dry quickly, do not fade in the sun, do not stretch and serve for many years.

We always care about our customers and do not depart from the basic principles of work:

  • the pleasant cost of goods with a minimum margin, which is formed due to direct deliveries from China;
  • regular updating of goods and expanding assortment;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • constant quality control of products sold.

You can get the following types of towels from us:

  • baths;
  • for face;
  • children`s;
  • for sauna;
  • beach;
  • kitchen;
  • microfiber;
  • gift boxes;
  • towel sets.

How to make an order?

If you want to buy towels in bulk, then contact us at the numbers indicated on the website or write to our e-mail. We will contact you as soon as possible, answer all questions and help to form an order.