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Bedspreads and blankets wholesale

I always want to return to a warm, cozy house: both after a hard working day, and after a long fascinating journey. One of the main attributes of comfort and coziness is a plaid. It seems that having wrapped himself in it with a cup of hot tea, you can forget about everything and plunge into a state of complete harmony.

Here you can find colorful and stylish rugs made from different materials that will satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding customers. For many years we have been engaged in the wholesale supply of home textiles from China. Our cooperation with the famous manufacturer Koloco makes it possible to bring only the best goods to Ukraine. Indeed, today plaids from China by the popular company Koloco have authority not only in Asian countries, but throughout Europe.

How to choose a blanket?

To select and buy blankets, you need to decide on several criteria:

  • Place of use. For home, you can choose a large plush blanket, which is convenient to wrap whole, and for a restaurant or hotel – a compact blanket that does not absorb odors and dust, is easily washed and does not become dirty for a long time.
  • Material. For home use, you can choose fur and wool models, for a country cottage and travel – products from acrylic, and for restaurant terraces the best option would be synthetics, bamboo or cotton. In any case, study all the features of each of the fabrics, so that in the future, when making a purchase, make no mistakes.
  • Colors. Naturally, a plaid can not be called the main component of your interior, but with its help you can give a twist, to place accents. Improperly selected plaid color can bring disharmony of textures and shades into the room. That is why you should buy a product not only in terms of parameters and material, but also in color and print. Such an accessory should not take on much attention and stand out, it should harmoniously fit into the gamut of colors of your interior.

Why are the largest retail stores choosing us?

Due to the fact that we are a direct supplier of Koloco home textiles to Ukraine, we always have favorable conditions for cooperation with retail stores. We care about each of our customers and offer:

  • Nice prices for blankets;
  • Large selection of sizes, colors, patterns, materials;
  • High quality products, with perfect stitches, strong seams, neat finishes;
  • Prompt delivery.

If you still have questions, then call us at the numbers indicated on the site. We will be happy to help you find the best rugs and bedspreads in bulk.